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Why Iowa Manufacturing is So Important

Monday, May 23, 2016
posted by IMT-Webmaster

why-iowa-is-so-important-webWhen I was growing up, I basically had the impression that the state of Iowa did not have much to offer compared to other states. Of course, no kid pays attention to how well the manufacturing industry is doing while he or she is growing up. Honestly, I am quite impressed by what I have seen written about the Iowa manufacturing industry over the last few years! I found a great article on the manufacturing footprint ranked by state:

EPI.org – Click here for the article

In this article it states that, “Manufacturing plays a particularly important role in supporting jobs in a core group of states in the upper Midwest (East North Central and selected West North Central) and South (East South Central) states. The top 10 states ranked by manufacturing’s share of total state employment in 2013 are Indiana (16.8 percent, 491,900 jobs), Wisconsin (16.3 percent, 458,400 jobs), Iowa (14.0 percent, 214,500 jobs)…”

USA Today also listed Iowa’s Manufacturing share of output at 16.7%, which is a pretty good percentage for Iowa considering the other states. Also notable was that the unemployment rate for Iowa is low compared to other states.

USAtoday.com – The Article

What Does Manufacturing Mean To Various People?

People who go through their normal lives each day do not seem to think about the products they use or where they even came from. For example, some goods that they use such as metal or plastic products are certainly processed by someone or some company, but once the consumer buys it and uses it he or she probably does not think about the origin or process of how it got to the finished form laid out before him or her. Believe it or not, Iowa’s manufacturing Gross State Product has grown at an impressive inflation-adjusted rate of 9.2 percent. For those that work in the manufacturing industry, that is very good news! Check out what economic professional Debi Durham had to say:

why-iowa-manufacturing-is-important-web“Iowa’s economy is very strong, thanks in large part to the success of the advanced manufacturing industry in our state. It’s obvious that we have the right tools in place to attract and grow manufacturing companies. From our logistics advantages to our highly productive work force, Iowa has a proven track record in helping manufacturers succeed.”

In fact, 13.8% of the total employment in the state of Iowa is made up of manufacturing, according to this data from NAM.org

Aside from those that work in the manufacturing industry who need a source of income to make a living, there are certainly companies and businesses that need a manufacturing company to assist them with various needs. One recent study said this:

“It is important to note there are a variety of industries available such as: industrial metal processing, automation precision machinery, environment control systems, digital and electronic devices, and power generation equipment. Other top sectors are aerospace, defense, industrial chemicals, construction components, commercial and industrial motor vehicles, food ingredients, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices and products.”

For more info on the study I mentioned above, you can visit this article.

A Place For Manufacturing

Iowa is not only a great place to call home for our families; it’s an excellent home for business.  The economic environment, the Midwest work ethic and many more factors is why KRYTON Engineered Metals has flourished and continues to grow.

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