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Training Employees – The Marathon Runner

Thursday, August 28, 2014
posted by IMT-Webmaster

A well-trained employee is important for any kind of business, from an office setting to the metal forming industry. A solid training and development plan is of vital importance in order to get the best out of your employees. There are two kinds of ways that you can do your training and development: you can either try to get them trained as fast as possible (without sacrificing quality, of course), or you can try to spread the training and development out far enough to allow the information to soak in. Neither of these tactics are bad, they’re merely meant for a different kind of employer. In this article, I’m going to elaborate the strengths, values, and advantages to doing the marathon runner style and hopefully help you understand which kind of trainer you are.

Fotolia_66760016_Subscription_XXLThe “marathon runner” style is one that encourages a trainee to better understand the material with which they are presented. The benefits of doing this are not just intended for the trainer, it’s also hugely beneficial for trainees – no two people are alike, and as such, no two trainees are as well. Some trainees can absorb knowledge like a sponge, while others need to run this new knowledge through their heads. This is not to say that they are less capable employees: often, an employee who needs extra training may seem like a hassle, but truly, they prove to be an asset for your company.

This is a very real truth within the metal forming industry. You don’t want to have to rush your employees, yet you don’t want them dilly-dallying. I believe in training based on need. It takes a fine touch to be very good in the industry, as you only want the best quality out of what you make.

For more information about the metal forming industry and training and development, please contact me. I’m always happy to help.

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