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The Right People

Monday, June 9, 2014
posted by IMT-Webmaster

the-right-peopleRecruiting the right people to fill my various job openings is an important, and costly, aspect of my business. The job hiring expenses can take a large chunk out my budget for costs, such as advertising, referral bonuses, background checks, drug tests and travel costs, not to mention human resources hours. These fees do not even include the cost for orientation and training the new employees.

Hiring the wrong employee means higher turnover rates for my business that can quickly double my recruiting costs. This is why it is always imperative that I employee the right people the first time to keep these costs down.

I never seem to have a problem generating enough applicants for my job openings at Kryton, instead the problem is being able to find qualified candidates. The integration of technology into the manufacturing industry has created a lack of skilled workers on the job market, which makes it more difficult to find the specific type of workers I need for my business.

There are, however, some strategies that I have used in the past that have proven to be very successful in finding the right people to fill the right jobs.

  • Created and posted a detailed job listing that explains the exact skills that were required for the job.
  • Pre-employment background checks and drug testing helped to eliminate at-risk employees.
  • Offered referral bonus to any of my current employees who referred a job candidate with the required skills.
  • While working with a recruiting agency is not right for every business, it does reduce human resources expenses and could be more cost-efficient than hiring in-house.
  • Application tracking software provides a quick and efficient solution to help the human resource department sort through dozens, or even, hundreds of applications. This software helps to narrow down the applicant to only those who meet a set criteria.

Job recruiting now involves using the every resource available to help find the perfect candidate, who has the right skills, experience and background. If you currently have a high turnover rate, you may need to reevaluate your hiring practices and integrate some of these additional tools into to your current human resources recruiting strategy.

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