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The Importance of Transparency Among Leadership and Employees

Monday, April 6, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

importance-transparencyMany positive trends have been linked to transparency among leadership and employees. This includes loyalty among employees, increased productivity and higher employee retention rates. To ensure that my business remains afloat I make decisions that are thoughtful through several ways that ensures I and my employees benefit from transparency through:

  • Efficient problem solving by laying all the cards on the table from the beginning
  • Greater respect and trust for company employees and leaders
  • Interpersonal relationships between the members of my organization
  • Team building through acknowledgement of weaknesses and strengths openly

These four have resulted to higher levels of performance. In some businesses I find there are leaders who are not willing to cultivate transparency as they think they will be viewed to be less authoritative. Additionally, in this era I have seen changes and I believe executives should come out of the boardrooms and discuss matters routinely with members of their organization to have an input from the workforce.

Transparency is not as easy but it helps deliver benefits to the company and bolster satisfaction from the employees. The desires of all leaders need to be aligned for everything to be in sync and differences between leaders need to be addressed to narrow the gap in different perceptions affecting the company. It is necessary to communicate every aspect of business that workers need to know

Employee training and development

For me I find training to be very important in business relations and the topics that are covered include;

  • Sexual harassment
  • Safety
  • Quality initiatives
  • Human relations
  • Ethic
  • Diversity
  • Customer service
  • Computer skills
  • Communication

This will help foster;

  • Job satisfaction
  • Increased motivation
  • Increased efficiency leading to increased financial gain
  • Reduction in employee’s turn over
  • Enhances the image of my company

If I and those in leadership have the time to take the employees through the training process, it will be one way we can be transparent as well as ease communication. When our employees are well trained they can easily get involved in the activities of the company that will foster its growth.

My business is growing and includes making adjustments in the way things are done. Having respect for the employees is ideal so they can also be into the things that my company is about. People do not want to work for companies with no vision. They all want a company that offer them a meaningful career.

Changes are occurring in the market on a daily basis; new technologies and innovative ideas that impact the way business activities are done. To stay on top of the evolving economy, my operations need to be flexible with the changes. For my business to keep moving I need to be open with the employees as their inputs can go a long way in promoting the growth of my business. They can;

  • Help in remodeling the goals to meet the needs of the consumers
  • Use their social network skills to help market my business on social media and making use of the wealth of information found online that will help my business create new connections with customers and people of influence in the industry

Due to this, my employees are at the forefront of the business plans as they will be directly affected by the changes. They need to be kept motivated and that is why I respect their effort, time, family needs and culture. Businesses are changing as well as the market trends and that is why open relationships with the employees will make me be flexible and adventurous in my business as I have an effective team to back me up all the way.

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