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Steering Millennials Towards a Future in Manufacturing

Monday, February 1, 2016
posted by IMT-Webmaster

steering-millenials-towards-a-future-webChange is coming as long as I am alive. And, change will come long after I am gone just like it was long before I was born. Manufacturing is not exempt from change, and the companies who succeed long term adapt as necessary to the ever evolving environment of their business sector.

Part of this success must come from efficient and effective employee training and development. Being aware of the ever changing business sector external environment alone is not sufficient, as project management within the internal environment is necessary to ensure your inputs, processes, and outputs meet and or exceed company goals.

A question I often ask myself is “What will become of the manufacturing industry in this country?” As I survey the landscape of today’s millennials and the varieties of directions they are heading, rarely do you hear or read about a college student gearing towards a career in manufacturing. Does this mean that the pool of currently available and soon to be available applicants for KRYTON Engineered Metals is subpar at best? No. Long gone are the days of a blacksmith as today we see technological growth in all areas of the manufacturing industry, and KRYTON Engineered Metals remains on the “cutting edge” with our “Cut It, Form It, Fab It” efficient and effective model. We are filled with the latest technology, and it shows in the quality of our work and the quality of our people.

What’s going on right now at KRYTON is simply a snapshot of a long tenured career in manufacturing, of which the majority has been with the company I helped start.  Make no mistake that the applicants who have the education and or experience necessary to get “a foot in the door” with KRYTON are aplenty as todays educational landscape focuses on technological advances and constant improvements in quality assurance. Once in the door at KRYTON, one can expect proper employee training and development so that we can meet and exceed our company objectives and goals current and future, as 2016 and 2017 will be pivotal years for all involved at KRYTON with incredible growth strategies being implemented. As these growth strategies are implemented, it will be only natural that more eyes will turn towards KRYTON, and with proper planning and development now we will not be caught off guard.

With KRYTON’s implementation of its global strategy in the years to come, millennial’s can be sure that the demand for applicants who possess the necessary talents will be in demand. Equally important at KRYTON Engineered Metals is the proper employee training and development of current staff so as to keep KRYTON on the leading edge in the manufacturing sector at a domestic as well as global level. Exciting times are here in manufacturing, be a part of it!

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