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Stainless Steel and the Food Industry

Monday, June 1, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

stainless-steelThe food industry is a big business, employing millions of people with a revenue of billions of dollars. It offers us the humble consumer a variety of price points with a seamlessly endless supply of options from the humble baked potato to the glorious fillet Mignon. But no matter what kind of restaurant, be it a food prep station at the local McDonalds or a five star commercial kitchen there is one thing that I have seen that is consistent across the board and that is stainless steel.

At Kryton Engineered Metals, we fabricate all kinds of product for the food service industry out of stainless steel.  From bakeries to burger paces we have done it all.  Fabricated Stainless is used every kitchen in the food industry and for good reason. Beyond the fact that many areas have it as a requirement of owning and operating a commercial kitchen, the use of stainless steel provides someone in the food industry with several advantages over alternative materials.

  • Sanitary:  Stainless steel is a nonporous surface making it easy to clean and sanitize.  Unlike other iron and steel options it is rust resistant and smooth leaving little to no hiding places for old food and bacteria to hide.
  • Durable:  Fabricated Stainless steel remains to this day one of the most durable cooking surfaces that we are able to manufacture and is used not just for our prep surfaces but also our knives and other metallic utensils and cook wear.  Stainless Steel is designed to take a beating and continue to function reducing the need to replace broken items and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Great heat conductor:  For cooking vessels one does not need to go much further then stainless steel.  Stainless steel provides a great cooking surface that allows a chief greater control of their food.  Stainless steel is great conductor of heat providing an even cooking surface in which to cook one’s food.   Again it is nonporous which allows the chief to clean and use their stainless steel cooking items for a variety of dishes without having to worry about past flavors getting in the way.

The food industry is amazing, providing us with a simple on the go dinners to luxurious evenings out. We all have our favorites that we will insist is the best. But no matter what type of food made it is safe to say that they are using stainless steel to create the food we love so much. For additional details on how we can help with your fabricated stainless steel project, visit us at KrytonMetals.com

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