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Robotics in the Manufacturing Industry

Monday, April 27, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

robotics in the manufacturing industryTechnology is advancing at a break neck pace, but no type of technology has the kind of potential demonstrated by the field of robotics. From handling dangerous tasks to reducing human errors, robots in the manufacturing industry can make it a much safer environment as it reduces the costs. Robots are not meant to be a way of putting people out of business, rather they are meant to increase productivity and minimize risk. Repetitive actions have an adverse effect on the human body, and this is something that robots can not only do faster and more accurately, it reduces the hazards for employees. Custom metal fabrication is just one example of how robotics are improving the workforce by taking the next logical step in robotic evolution.

Human and Robot Interaction

Robots are being increasingly designed to provide a more comfortable interaction with people. Called collaborative robots, these amazing technological advances are not what is typically thought of as a robot. While there are increasingly more news stories about robots That look and move like people, robots actually come in many different shapes and sizes. Many people are still not comfortable with the idea of working with things that look human but clearly are not. Collaborative robots are more like Siri, so that you can interact with them, but they won’t make you feel like you are talking to something that is trying too hard to be like you.
Collaborative robots also give companies a way to ease robots into the workforce without causing concern that people will start losing their jobs. People have to interact with these creations for them to get the job done. Just like an employee, the robots have to be trained in how to do their jobs. For manufacturers, this means that the experts are the ones making sure the robots are functioning as intended.

Custom Metal Fabrication and Robots

Some of the inherent dangers of custom metal fabrication are mitigated by the use of robots. The most notable use of robots in this field is the use of robots in welding. Robotic welding gives companies a means of automating the welding without sacrificing quality. Welding robots can do things from underwater welding to plasma welding to SRC welding. It can be difficult, even dangerous, for people to try to reach some seams. Robots can easily access and weld these seams, increasing the strength of the product and giving customers a much wider range of options for their custom metal fabrication.

Embracing the Future
Just as businesses have an increasingly more difficult time getting clients without a website, manufacturers are going to find that it is difficult to get by without the use of robots. Manufacturing is one of the easiest industries into which robots can be included because so many of the tasks and requirements are repetitive. By embracing a future that is guaranteed to include robots, businesses can look for better uses of their employees while getting a more consistent product with robots.

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