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Process Development – Always Room for Improvement

Monday, August 11, 2014
posted by IMT-Webmaster

The definition of process development
"PROCESS IMPROVEMENT" Tag Cloud (business intelligence strategy)Process development, or process improvement, can be defined as the creation and development of a process within the limits, first, of a specified parameter of requirements such as quality and cost and second, of a specified time frame during which a particular set of tasks is to be completed. It is one of five phases in the life cycle of the process, of which the other four, in the other in which they are undertaken, are:

  • 1. Analysis—What type of process is to be developed?
  • 2. Realization—how to make the process a reality
  • 3. Control—what to do
  • 4. Deployment—distributing human and mechanical resources in preparation for the work

During the development phase of the process, three basic tasks should be carried through to completion:

  • 1. Potential ways of solving a particular need or problem by means of the process are found and evaluated. This step ensures that the process can be transformed.
  • 2. A process design is created that outlines how it is expected that the process will solve that need or problem. In this step, those involved figure out how the required transformation is to be met.
  • 3. A process model is drawn up that includes activity flow diagrams and everything that is dependent on them. Here, a process transformation model is proposed.

Always room for improvement
As the title of this article indicates, process improvement is always a possibility. No matter how efficiently a given process achieves its desired results, one can always find ways in which the same could be done in fewer steps and in less time.

At the Metalist
At Kryton Engineered Metals, a company in Cedar Falls, Iowa people come to us when they would like to have a metal product of some kind manufactured for them. I should mention, too, that process improvement is really our thing here, for we truly recognize the importance of innovation when it comes to managing and growing any successful enterprise. For instance, we are continually on the lookout for new ways in which a spun piece of metal can be tweaked so that the user can operate at the maximum level of efficiency. One more thing of which we are well aware is that rules were always meant to be broken. Some business people may justify failure to improve their processes by saying, “That’s the way it’s always been done here,” but that’s not the Kryton way.

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