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No job too big. No job too small

Monday, November 9, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

start-up-webWhen KRYTON started out, we wanted to stress the quality of our products and processes more than anything else. You can’t fake it in this industry; you either make high quality products or you produce the alternative. We also wanted to make it a priority to see that these quality products got into as many hands possible, no matter what an order called for. Be it one, single piece for a guy’s garage, or hundreds of parts for a major provider of aerospace equipment, we wanted to be able to put the highest quality metal product we could out on the market.

Especially when starting out, it’s important to not just be wide open to accepting new clients, but to look to build long lasting relationships with clients. As a startup company, you’re not looking to JUST receive orders and cycle products through the line as efficiently as possible. You’re essentially looking for “business partners” that value your services and will continue to do so in years to come. Building consistent relationships is key to the growth of any business, regardless of the industry.
We’re the kind of manufacturing company that has the values, and the feel of a local, small-time provider of expert services and products. BUT, also has the impressive ability to perform and compete at a global level. That’s a combination we’re proud to maintain.

too-big-too-small-webDoing so allows us to effectively communicate with larger consumers in different locations in a comfortable, informal way that helps build those relationships. It also helps provide for our local community by offering world-class manufacturing facility and the employment that goes along with it.

We take pride in the facility we operate in. We’ve been able to provide our awesome staff with some of the best tech in the business. This wide range of world-class equipment and technology also helps us achieve our goals of serving the few and the many. Strategic, digital planning helps us adjust our production process accordingly to the size and types of orders we have on any given day. We’re up to any challenge and fairly confident we can complete any order without giving it too much concern.

Our ability to do this confidently is an outstanding testament to the quality of our staff. We always stress lean tactics in both planning and production stages, but when you break it down and see that your staff is able to comfortably organize and complete orders ranging from 1 to 100,000.. well, that’s pretty cool!

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