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Mobile Apps in the Metal Manufacturing Industry

Monday, June 15, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

mobile-app-in-manufacturingMetal manufacturing requires safety cut offs and accurate weights and measures that are life and death significant.  From metal spinning to application of all metals, the future of IPad contributions throughout the entire process is abundantly clear to those active in the metal manufacturing industry.

The storing of steel poses numerous  hazards that easily lead to injury if suitable safety programs are not in place. Risks include steel in its various forms having the unique inclination to roll, slip, slide or fall over if not restrained. More hazards exist and have to be dealt with  if racking or other equipment provided for storage is not durable for the weights involved. This could cause serious injury as well as loss of life. The Metal Manufacturing Material Handling Safety Checklist in Australia’s mobile app is intended to be used to create safer working environments. This app fortunately can be customized to production site.

Customized Applications for Your Metal Manufacturing Business

In 2015’s metal spinning industries as well as other related fields, it is possible to have custom made applications created to provide your company’s unique needs:

  • Delivery Software for any delivery business
  • Direct Store Delivery and Distribution processes
  • Field Service Operations
  • Field Sales
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Records
  • Proof of Delivery
  • and other needs unique to your company.

Within metal manufacturing and wholesale businesses, much data must be collected and forms completed. Companies can save personnel time and cut  paper waste with a customizable manufacturing and wholesale mobile applications.  Whether you are tracking operation of a forklift and related OSHA inspections or customer packing lists, there is a customizable app to soothe and smooth your metal manufacturing operation.

Technology & Manufacturing Mobile Applications Showcase New Molten Procedure
The Technology & Manufacturing application introduced by Apple in 2015 demonstrates a procedure for  Liquidmetal  and other similar amorphous metal alloys to be melted and injected into your manufacturing equipment. The application simplifies the process of transferring molten alloys.

  • One method adds a “branch” to a regular type chamber containing  metal “fingers”cooled by water, containing a surface that is no-wetting.  Surface tension prevents  metal movement until metal fingers are retracted.
  • A second method uses tools like a hot glue gun by holding a solid piece of metal feed in place by constriction in the tube. The feedstock melts at the constriction and flows into your cold sleeve.

It is reported that parts formed with these methods have endless uses and application in consumer electronics. The Technology & Manufacturing application specifically cites uses in manufacturing:

  • mobile phones,
  • portable music players,
  • streaming devices,
  • laptop computers,
  • desktop computers,
  • watches.

Kryton Metals’ Role

Kryton Engineered Metals has followed through on its company pledge to stay abreast of all new technology in the manufacturing metals industry.  To this end, we have incorporated new procedures and innovations to established procedures to have a priority interest in applications for safety inspections, data record keeping, inventories and even particular production programs.  In this way, Kryton Engineered Metals and all affiliates offer the best quality product with the least waste of time or cost. Our home office in Cedar Falls, Iowa welcomes the interest of other metal manufacturers, and provides in-source production for other manufacturing interests when Kryton is able to do it faster, with better quality and more efficiency. As the go-to authority in metals manufacturing, Kryton is happy to share and collaborate with others in the metal industry.

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