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How 5-Axis, CNC Laser Cutting Works

Monday, May 19, 2014
posted by IMT-Webmaster

laser cutting and metal fabrication at Kryton Engineered MetalsCNC laser cutting has grown since I began in metalworking more than thirty years ago. Technology has gone from complicated drafting programs and bulky, limited machining equipment to programs designed for easy intuitive use and machines we used to only dream about on Star Trek. Today’s 5 Axis CNC laser cutting machines allow for more complexity and precision than ever before. Here’s how it works:

— The client has an idea. It may be a single part, or multiple pieces that fit together.
— We take that idea and turn it into 3 dimensional plans.
— We program that plan into the numerically controlled machine tools.
— The machine uses the precise measurements to turn out metal parts, large or small to meet the exact specifications required to make our clients’ vision a reality.

The advantages of the 5 Axis CNC machines over the older 3 Axis machines in creating pieces for our clients is amazing. The 5 Axis still provides the unparalleled ability to lay out exact cuts to assure that every piece meets our clients specifications, no matter how complex the design. As with all CNC laser cutting, every hole, score, and curve on a flat plane is perfect.

Where the 5 Axis shines is in the creation of 3 dimensional metal pieces. The free moving arm that moves on more than one plane allows each metal piece being worked to remain exactly where it started as the machine uses its precision calculations to place each cut, shave and polish on any part of the curves. The tangential movement of the 5 Axis arm allows flawless curved pieces to be created with unprecedented tolerance levels.

To learn more about 5 Axis CNC laser cutting, and how we can help with your metal working needs, I hope you’ll drop us a line at Kryton Engineered Metals.

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