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6 Potential Transportation Trends in 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

Forbes Future Focus

The most important seat in the future car will not be behind the wheel. It will be in the back, behind the transportationdriver, where you don’t have to concern yourself with insurance, gasoline or electricity, mapping, road rules or any of the other tedious things you do in the car today. That is the promise made by the futurists of Forbes. Business Growth will continue but man will have a very different philosophy.
Mass transportation by bus and train will be electrical because their large drive trains are perfectly suited for electrically powered short or extended trips, and people will have no responsibility beyond inside the industry itself. If that sounds too Jetsonesque to you, fear not, because we won’t be zipping around in the air, according to the prescient transportation gurus. Business growth will keep us traveling by ground for short distance and air for long distance, but always at a modicum of cost and virtually no capitalization enhancement.

Eco System Wins Over Ego System

Roadways will be electronically accessed, and the private automobiles we have today will dissolve into miniature conveyances of light construction and low electric costs, following the charted highways. The current mystique autos have for the public ego system will fail in favor of the eco system. There will no longer be an auto for every driver in the home. Many homes, in fact, will not “own” a vehicle in today’s sense, but only rent one for short term trips and low fees. The automobile will settle into the disposable tool it was meant to be all along — getting us from point A to point B with the least amount of dirt, stress, noise and cost. Kryton Engineering Metals will have a much broader range of products, including in-sourcing work from smaller companies.

3D Tools Make a New Detroit Unnecessary

Today’s 3D production/manufacturing industry becomes a transportation supplier. Vehicles will be made from 3D tools serviced and maintained by 3D parts. Most tantalizing is the prediction that upon a 3D vehicle’s duty ending, it is recycled, never having been a pollutant and threat to life and limb.
Most amazing in Forbes’ prediction for our transportation futures is that it arrives starting now, in 2015. We should look around slowly at global partners and interests. Who will be the worldwide Business Growth leader in tomorrow’s transportation? They must have begun already.

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