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Finding sustained success with Self-Awareness

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

finding-sustained-success-webGarnering self-awareness is often talked about among business leaders as an important aspect involved in growing your company, but it’s not always easy to grasp. Knowing yourself means understanding your industry, as well as your place in that environment. It means using financial and performance analytics to make future decisions, and it requires strong communication and transparency throughout all levels of your company. How can you expect an overall company to know itself, if each inner-working part doesn’t know its role in each decision? Overall, the best way to achieve self-awareness is to take a closer look at your decision-making process, and to learn from past experiences.

At Kryton Engineered Metals we’ve learned that the manufacturing industry is not only ever changing, but is also extremely dependent on a wide range of determining factors. Consumer expectations, worldwide forward thinking, the implementation of new technology, changes in other industries such as distribution and transportation, and seemingly endless other components can all force significant changes to the way we operate on a daily basis. It’s important to have the skills, man power, and awareness to first recognize these needed changes and then be able to adapt quickly and accordingly.
That said, what we’ve also discovered to be equally as important as being adaptable, is maintaining a balanced defiance and stubbornness required to reject change in specific areas.

What we mean:
Adapting and evolving in a constantly growing and changing industry can be hectic. It’s vital that your leaders stay focused, driven, and grounded.

Manufacturing operates as a large continuous process from the conception of ideas to the delivery of finished products. Within that continuous process are individual moving parts that are all susceptible to experiencing extreme changes. It’s important to consistently monitor each piece of the puzzle, to recognize opportunities for improvement, and to make adaptations as necessary. A new technology advancement being implemented at this station, or the need for an expedited delivery in this station, calls for an efficiently orchestrated adjustment to the entire process.

With so many moving parts involved, something as important as your company’s overall mission can get completely lost in translation. Consistently look to establish a confident sense of self-awareness that draws connections back to your company’s original goals and objectives.

Don’t just look at what’s happening to the overall industry and what you need to do to because of it. Instead, consider the goals of your company and the needs of your customers first. Then determine why that change is happening and how your future adjustments can match up with your values.

For example:
If more and more manufacturers are turning towards the implementation of a new piece of advanced equipment, we don’t just see it as some inevitable change that will shake things from the ground up. First we look at our major goals as a company, one of which happens to be a general focus on providing high quality products to a wide range of consumers. Then we determine if this new technology can ultimately help bring more quality into our environment. Can it improve the skills of our employees? Can it improve the physical environment our employees work in? Can it help us continue to produce the highest quality products possible, while potentially improving our process? If so, then we can begin to develop an implementation plan. But, we’ll never let any number of changes jeopardize the foundation we’ve built on quality.

Knowing yourself as a company ultimately means getting to the very bottom of why you do business, and staying true to it those values, even as you adapt to your surroundings.

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