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Kryton’s Place in the Changing Manufacturing Industry

Monday, June 29, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

krytons-place-in-the-changingWhile strong underpinnings are an integral key to success in any industry, an ability to weather the storm and grow with the times are also necessary components.  American manufacturers capable of accomplishing this then serve as the “go to” business model ~ ever-affirming that a steadfast commitment to provide quality, exceptional products matters most. Kryton Engineered Metals is one such phenomenal manufacturer; here’s why:

Company Faces Challenges Head-On

When Kevin Harberts, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kryton Engineered Metals started his company in 1982, it was just a dream fueled by a “can do” attitude. Kryton  has experienced tremendous business growth over the past 30+ years, but finds himself challenged by the recession that is hanging on in the Midwest. “Growth is hard, and growth is a challenge,” Harberts said. “It requires strategy and patience and an ability to keep both yourself and your entire company motivated and focused on keeping things moving forward in the right direction.” Kryton  repeatedly relies on a “make it happen” philosophy to meet customer demands while moving in a positive direction.

Looking for Record Growth by 2017

Business growth is a challenge even in the best of times, but when an economy is mired in a slump it makes the task just that much harder. Harberts looks for Kryton Engineered Metals to double in size by 2017, but he’s not expecting the growth to be easy. “We realize the process is going to be very strategic and is going to require a change in training and an overall change in the culture of our company,” he said. He’s looking to expand his sales base globally now that the company is the major supplier in North America. That doesn’t mean advancing globally won’t be a challenge. Europe’s economy continues to struggle. Metal exports to the region have dropped from 24% of all exports to just 9%. China is predicting a bad year as well, which, when combined with a strengthening dollar, means bad news for metal exports. Strengthening U.S. demand could offset a weakened picture overseas.

The Painted Vision Provides Clear Picture of Future

By providing a clear mission statement and spelling out the responsibilities on the shoulders of each employee, Kryton  paints a picture of the roadmap to business growth.

  • Accountability,
  • Integrity,
  • Improvement,
  • Quality,
  • Teamwork, and
  • Enthusiasm

are the values that make up the building blocks of Kryton’s  planned growth. The company focuses on exceeding customer expectations by utilizing continuous process improvement and building relationships with clients. “Kryton very much so has its eyes on the future. And, that’s why I liked the idea of instituting the Painted Vision idea,” Harberts said. “It’s a way of getting employees on board and in the loop.”

Business Growth at 12% Over Last Three Years

Through Kryton’s commitment to customer satisfaction on all levels, the company has experienced a 12% rise in profits in the last 36 months. Much of that is due to a satisfied customer base, but a good part of the growth goes back to the creation of the Z-team, a unit of super sales pros that keep the work flowing into the manufacturing group. The rise in sales translates into more modern equipment, better wages and expansion.

A Clean Facility is a Growing Facility

Visitors to Kryton’s manufacturing center constantly comment on the cleanliness of the facility. An organized and clean shop floor lends itself to more efficient production and reflects the pride the employees have in a job well done. Despite the constant hum of machinery and buzz of activity on the manufacturing floor, there is a real sense of teamwork between different departments and shifts.

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Maintaining Your Equipment

Monday, June 22, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

maintainance-of-equipmentThe maintenance of a CNC laser cutting machine can often be overlooked when making the decision to purchase a laser cutting machine. However, the cost of maintenance should be factored in when deciding on investing in a CNC laser cutting machine. It’s important to look at all the factors of managing the maintenance of a laser cutter machine. Being aware can help to cut the costs of operating the equipment for the lifetime of the machine.

One factor to be aware of is keeping spare parts in stock. The best way to do this is to create an agreement with a machine tool builder, or even a third party builder to maintain a modest supply of important spare parts that are critical to maintenance. Stay away from keeping the more expensive parts in stock. Parts can get damaged or misplaced in the storage process and in the end, it’s not worth the risk. The downside to this is when a part does need to be replaced and it’s not onhand, production stops. To minimize this risk, make sure the supplier stocks the parts locally and can be counted on to make a prompt delivery. Steps can also be made to oversee the CNC laser cutting machine to spot problems before they need work in order to make a order for the part before it breaks.

To create more peace of mind for the owner of the CNC laser cutting machine, extended warranties and insurance for the equipment will ensure that if anything were to go wrong, the owner is covered. Make sure to be knowledgeable on what the warranty actually covers and what the contract terms are. This will make it easy when the time comes to file warranty or insurance claims.

To ensure that the proper maintenance is managed for the CNC laser cutting machine, it’s recommended that the maintenance schedule is followed that is provided by the machine builder. The team in charge of maintenance should also keep a record of what maintenance has been provided and conditions of the machine should also be noted. By following these tips, the maintenance of your laser cutting machine will be kept up to date and the likelihood of machine breakdown and a pause in production will be kept to a minimum.

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Mobile Apps in the Metal Manufacturing Industry

Monday, June 15, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

mobile-app-in-manufacturingMetal manufacturing requires safety cut offs and accurate weights and measures that are life and death significant.  From metal spinning to application of all metals, the future of IPad contributions throughout the entire process is abundantly clear to those active in the metal manufacturing industry.

The storing of steel poses numerous  hazards that easily lead to injury if suitable safety programs are not in place. Risks include steel in its various forms having the unique inclination to roll, slip, slide or fall over if not restrained. More hazards exist and have to be dealt with  if racking or other equipment provided for storage is not durable for the weights involved. This could cause serious injury as well as loss of life. The Metal Manufacturing Material Handling Safety Checklist in Australia’s mobile app is intended to be used to create safer working environments. This app fortunately can be customized to production site.

Customized Applications for Your Metal Manufacturing Business

In 2015’s metal spinning industries as well as other related fields, it is possible to have custom made applications created to provide your company’s unique needs:

  • Delivery Software for any delivery business
  • Direct Store Delivery and Distribution processes
  • Field Service Operations
  • Field Sales
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Records
  • Proof of Delivery
  • and other needs unique to your company.

Within metal manufacturing and wholesale businesses, much data must be collected and forms completed. Companies can save personnel time and cut  paper waste with a customizable manufacturing and wholesale mobile applications.  Whether you are tracking operation of a forklift and related OSHA inspections or customer packing lists, there is a customizable app to soothe and smooth your metal manufacturing operation.

Technology & Manufacturing Mobile Applications Showcase New Molten Procedure
The Technology & Manufacturing application introduced by Apple in 2015 demonstrates a procedure for  Liquidmetal  and other similar amorphous metal alloys to be melted and injected into your manufacturing equipment. The application simplifies the process of transferring molten alloys.

  • One method adds a “branch” to a regular type chamber containing  metal “fingers”cooled by water, containing a surface that is no-wetting.  Surface tension prevents  metal movement until metal fingers are retracted.
  • A second method uses tools like a hot glue gun by holding a solid piece of metal feed in place by constriction in the tube. The feedstock melts at the constriction and flows into your cold sleeve.

It is reported that parts formed with these methods have endless uses and application in consumer electronics. The Technology & Manufacturing application specifically cites uses in manufacturing:

  • mobile phones,
  • portable music players,
  • streaming devices,
  • laptop computers,
  • desktop computers,
  • watches.

Kryton Metals’ Role

Kryton Engineered Metals has followed through on its company pledge to stay abreast of all new technology in the manufacturing metals industry.  To this end, we have incorporated new procedures and innovations to established procedures to have a priority interest in applications for safety inspections, data record keeping, inventories and even particular production programs.  In this way, Kryton Engineered Metals and all affiliates offer the best quality product with the least waste of time or cost. Our home office in Cedar Falls, Iowa welcomes the interest of other metal manufacturers, and provides in-source production for other manufacturing interests when Kryton is able to do it faster, with better quality and more efficiency. As the go-to authority in metals manufacturing, Kryton is happy to share and collaborate with others in the metal industry.

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6 Potential Transportation Trends in 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

Forbes Future Focus

The most important seat in the future car will not be behind the wheel. It will be in the back, behind the transportationdriver, where you don’t have to concern yourself with insurance, gasoline or electricity, mapping, road rules or any of the other tedious things you do in the car today. That is the promise made by the futurists of Forbes. Business Growth will continue but man will have a very different philosophy.
Mass transportation by bus and train will be electrical because their large drive trains are perfectly suited for electrically powered short or extended trips, and people will have no responsibility beyond inside the industry itself. If that sounds too Jetsonesque to you, fear not, because we won’t be zipping around in the air, according to the prescient transportation gurus. Business growth will keep us traveling by ground for short distance and air for long distance, but always at a modicum of cost and virtually no capitalization enhancement.

Eco System Wins Over Ego System

Roadways will be electronically accessed, and the private automobiles we have today will dissolve into miniature conveyances of light construction and low electric costs, following the charted highways. The current mystique autos have for the public ego system will fail in favor of the eco system. There will no longer be an auto for every driver in the home. Many homes, in fact, will not “own” a vehicle in today’s sense, but only rent one for short term trips and low fees. The automobile will settle into the disposable tool it was meant to be all along — getting us from point A to point B with the least amount of dirt, stress, noise and cost. Kryton Engineering Metals will have a much broader range of products, including in-sourcing work from smaller companies.

3D Tools Make a New Detroit Unnecessary

Today’s 3D production/manufacturing industry becomes a transportation supplier. Vehicles will be made from 3D tools serviced and maintained by 3D parts. Most tantalizing is the prediction that upon a 3D vehicle’s duty ending, it is recycled, never having been a pollutant and threat to life and limb.
Most amazing in Forbes’ prediction for our transportation futures is that it arrives starting now, in 2015. We should look around slowly at global partners and interests. Who will be the worldwide Business Growth leader in tomorrow’s transportation? They must have begun already.

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Stainless Steel and the Food Industry

Monday, June 1, 2015
posted by IMT-Webmaster

stainless-steelThe food industry is a big business, employing millions of people with a revenue of billions of dollars. It offers us the humble consumer a variety of price points with a seamlessly endless supply of options from the humble baked potato to the glorious fillet Mignon. But no matter what kind of restaurant, be it a food prep station at the local McDonalds or a five star commercial kitchen there is one thing that I have seen that is consistent across the board and that is stainless steel.

At Kryton Engineered Metals, we fabricate all kinds of product for the food service industry out of stainless steel.  From bakeries to burger paces we have done it all.  Fabricated Stainless is used every kitchen in the food industry and for good reason. Beyond the fact that many areas have it as a requirement of owning and operating a commercial kitchen, the use of stainless steel provides someone in the food industry with several advantages over alternative materials.

  • Sanitary:  Stainless steel is a nonporous surface making it easy to clean and sanitize.  Unlike other iron and steel options it is rust resistant and smooth leaving little to no hiding places for old food and bacteria to hide.
  • Durable:  Fabricated Stainless steel remains to this day one of the most durable cooking surfaces that we are able to manufacture and is used not just for our prep surfaces but also our knives and other metallic utensils and cook wear.  Stainless Steel is designed to take a beating and continue to function reducing the need to replace broken items and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Great heat conductor:  For cooking vessels one does not need to go much further then stainless steel.  Stainless steel provides a great cooking surface that allows a chief greater control of their food.  Stainless steel is great conductor of heat providing an even cooking surface in which to cook one’s food.   Again it is nonporous which allows the chief to clean and use their stainless steel cooking items for a variety of dishes without having to worry about past flavors getting in the way.

The food industry is amazing, providing us with a simple on the go dinners to luxurious evenings out. We all have our favorites that we will insist is the best. But no matter what type of food made it is safe to say that they are using stainless steel to create the food we love so much. For additional details on how we can help with your fabricated stainless steel project, visit us at KrytonMetals.com

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